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For more than 100 years, we have loaned money to help people make purchases, pay bills, meet educational needs, start a small business, acquire home ownership and for other provident purposes; not for charity, but to be paid back at fair and reasonable rates of interest. We're so confident that you'll be happy with our loans, we offer this guarantee:


Guarantee:  With the exception of Real Estate loans and VISA cards, if a Borrower is dissatisfied with any of the terms and conditions of the Note, he or she has 30 days from origination to rescind the contract. All the Borrower has to do is return to us the amount financed with no additional charge for its use or expense. 


If you're interested in applying for a loan, please click the "Apply Now" button of the loan you're interested in, complete all applicable sections, print and sign the application and mail it to us.


ICU offers a full line of fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage products. Whether you want to buy, refinance or build your primary, vacation or even investment property, we can help…..... 



If you have a mortgage with us, you may be able to get a lower rate without having to refinance.  We offer rate reductions!  Call us for more information to see if you qualify....(617) 742-1616



 Home Equity Loans & Lines
We offer Home Equity loans up to $1,000,000 for a fixed rate and term, or a Line of Credit (HELOC) - the choice is yours. Our HELOCs are priced at Prime minus 1% and Prime. The more equity in your home and the better your debt ratio, the better rate you receive. 




 Home Improvement
Time to repair or remodel your home? We have the right loan for you at the best rate in the market.




 Personal Loans
When you have to borrow money and you have no collateral, we have personal loans that can help you pay down high rate credit card bills, go on vacation or provide some financial assistance you may not have budgeted for….




Auto Loans
Cars, boats, motorcycles, new or used; we have the right loan for you….